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SPLAKDHN is a high quality durable and easy to install/use GPS tracking device launched by STAR WAVE, The purpose of launching SPLAKDHN is to make a quality GPS tracking device accessible anywhere in India / abroad  Online, here we are focused on providing high-Quality GPS tracking device which is very easy to install, either you can yourself install it by video/call support or any car electrician can do it for you easily available at any car repair/accessories shops worldwide either you are in a village or City anywhere in India or abroad any Country, here we are providing a Single universal model GPS Tracker Device which can work in any car, Suv, bike, jeep, scooty, auto, buses, heavy trucks, Jcb, earthmovers or any other type of vehicles, it can even work on boats where ever GSM network is available in Any Country.

Besides this SPLAKDHN also provides a vast variety of GPS devices i.e Temperature Sensor GPS, Fuel Sensor GPS, Camera GPS Tracker, Mic GPS, Panic Button GPS, OBD Plug and play GPS, Personal Tracker, Asset Trackers, AIS 140 GPS Devices and much more.

Here we are trying to keep the lowest cost for maintenance of annual GPS subscription for individual and Corporates and by individual Video/Call support or local electrician at your door shop, the services/installation is going to be very low price and easy without depending on any GPS Companies Technician or their heavy visiting charges or annual maintenance charges.

For Individual You can easily buy SPLAKDHN GPS devices at Amazon/ Flipkart and other E-Commerce trusted portals, for Bulk orders/Corporates Special deals / or dealership you can contact us via our website email and get best offers and also get plans for how to get lowest annual subscription charges for corporates PAN India or Worldwide.

These devices come in waterproof or without waterproof both models, with very accurate location features, here we keep two months historical data by default and various MIS reports are available in PDF or excel formats, Reports customizations, API, white labeling and rebranding also available for Corporates or Dealers.

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