GPS Tracker with Tracking Software

GPS Tracking System For Truck in India

Truck Tracking GPS System – Vehicle Tracking System

Truck Tracking GPS System also known as Truck VTS or GPRS system is a must-must need for all trucks either it’s a long route container or a local tempo truck because all these trucks are carrying very costly goods from one place to another and it is necessary to monitor the truck while its carrying goods or empty itself, although the track itself is a very costly vehicle above that transporter or logistic company needs to take care and monitor the costly goods supplied through their truck, now-days the customer also needs to track their goods after dispatch as the courier or e-commerce companies do ( Note – E-commerce or Courier companies track the consignment with the help of GPS Tracker Only ). The main feature of GPS for truck is live tracking and Kilometer Tracking etc.

Types of GPS devices available for trucks in the market with various basic and advanced features some of them are as follows

  • Basic GPS Tracker
  • Panic Button GPS Tracker
  • Mic GPS Tracker
  • Camera GPS Tracker
  • Temperature GPS Tracker
  • Fuel GPS Tracker

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