Personal GPS Tracking System or Magnet Tracker

There are several types of Personal GPS Tracker Device available in the market, basically personal tracker is used to tracking a person as its name suggest, it is used to track and keep safe children, teens, elderly, pets, luggage, etc., it can be also used to track your field staff for their job monitoring, it is also used by detective agencies, property dealers, couples to track people for spying purpose or their work done, some people also use it to track their teens children or partner for their interests or monitoring , it can also be used for tracking your pets or other animals, you just need to charge the device and hang it somewhere with your pet i.e. neck chain, personal trackers are also used for tracking vehicles, where you don’t need permanent tracker for one vehicle you just charge the single device and put it in different vehicles at different times for tracking of the vehicle for some particular time, here you don’t need any GPS Technician/ Engineer support, all you can do in your behalf.

Different types of Personal trackers are as follows

  • Mini Tracker
  • I-Card Tracker
  • Watch Tracker
  • Car Charger Tracker
  • Magnet Tracker
  • Locket Tracker
Personal GPS Tracking System or Magnet Tracker Tracker Device for Kids Child elderly Luggage people | personal GPS Tracking System