OBD GPS Tracker (Plug & Play)

OBD GPS device is Plug N Play GPS tracker, for this device you don’t need any installation you just need to plug the OBD tracker in your CAR  or SUV  – OBD port & start tracking, This is an portable devices you can use in multiple Cars you just need to plug the device in one Car to track it until required when you need tracking of another car you just need to plug the device in another car and start tracking the second one, the same process can be followed for multiple cars as many as you have, but please note at a time only one car can be tracked with one OBD device. These devices are best for Luxury Cars because no wire manipulation required but can also be used in basic cars.

The Features of ODB tracker are as follows:-
  • Live Tracking
  • Historical Tracking / Data
  • Kilometre details
  • Stoppage reports
  • Speed Details and
  • Various other reports are available in the software.
OBD Plug n Play Vehicle Tracker Device | Car GPS Tracking OBD Port