Now-days there is a must need to track your Car or SUV whether it’s a luxury to normal, Taxi Cabs to Private Cars not because of Only increase in Car theft cases there is also need for stop misuse of your car by drivers or rash driving by your teenage children and or monitoring of some wrong activities in your car by friend or family members, CAR GPS Tracker are generally waterproof, these devices come with inbuilt battery and very small in size to hide anywhere in car, in case of any manipulation in wire you get the alerts in your app or receive SMS, there are various types of GPS devices available now days and as you see OLA / Uber etc. all cab services also using GPS tracker to run their app or provide tracking features to their customers or company.

Various Types of Car Tracking Device are as follows

Permanent Wired GPS Tracker
Plug and Play OBD Tracker
Magnet or Personal Tracker
AIS 140 GPS Device Only for Commercial Car ( this is mandatory for Commercial Cars All over India Now )

Features of Car GPS Tracker Device are as follows
  • Live Tracking  (24×7, anytime anywhere).
  • Historical reports and tracking.
  • Speed and stoppage reports.
  • Kilometre reports.
  • Various MIS Reports.
  • Geo-Fence.
  • Mobile AAP and SMS alerts.
Advanced GPS Tracking Device features are as follows
  • Online Camera Single or Dual for Video monitoring
  • Mic features for silent voice monitoring
  • Panic Button for Emergency alerts
  • Vehicle Engine/Ignition ON/OFF feature via mobile
  • AC monitoring Vehicle Tracking System features.
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