AIS140 GPS Device

ARAI/ICAT Approved – AIS 140 GPS Tracker Device

Bus Tracking GPS System – ARAI / ICAT – AIS140 GPS Tracker and others

AIS140 GPS Device

VTS Systems are a must for buses throughout India as Government of India has also made AIS140 Certified GPS devices mandatory for all commercial buses either School buses, Corporate buses, Chartered buses, State transport buses, City buses, and all other buses, without these AIS devices, RTO is not going to pass annual permit to run these buses on the road, these devices also have a panic button for emergency, there are several other types of GPS devices also available in market i.e. Online Camera GPS device, Mic GPS devices, etc.
AIS 140 GPS Tracker is mandatory for ALL Commercial Public Vehicle either it’s a normal public bus, school bus, school van, taxi, taxi jeep, cabs, auto, etc.all the public commercial vehicles need to be fitted by AIS 140 GPS devices throughout India.

Various Types of GPS devices for Bus are as follows

  • AIS140 GPS tracker ( ARAI/ICAT Approved )
  • Basic GPS Tracker
  • Panic Button GPS Tracker
  • Mic GPS Tracker
  • Camera GPS Tracker
  • Fuel GPS Tracker

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