OBD Plug n Play Vehicle Tracker Device | Car GPS Tracking OBD Port

STAR WAVE subsidiary “www.gpsdealersindia.com” is committed to make Vehicle Tracking System common to each and every person across INDIA

VTS or Vehicle Tracking System also known as GPS Tracker is used to locate and monitor your CAR or and other vehicle i.e CAR/ Bus/ Truck/ Bike/ Earth Movers/ Vessels, Assets ETC on real time basis, You can monitor your Vehicle from your Mobile or Computer 24×7 anytime / anywhere , in a few couple of touch or clicks you get real time location of your Vehicle, its Live tracking, History tracking, Kilometer summary, other MIS reports and also you can listen voice inside your Car and stop the Engine via your mobile from anywhere/ any time

Tracking System

VTS or Vehicle tracking System is a combination of GPS Tracker device and Tracking Software which is used to track your car/bus/truck whatsoever through your mobile phone or Computer with the help of GPS satellite and GPRS network 24x7.


Geo Fencing is a Vehicle Tracking System Software feature which provide alerts in your mobile or email when your vehicle reaches or leaves some marked location i.e. your office or home and it is very useful when you don't have time to monitor your vehicle it make automated alerts.


With the help of our tracking devices you need not to worry about your Lovely Car or the valuable goods transported through your Truck, with the ease of our app you can fuel cut off or engine off of your vehicle from anywhere anytime within minutes and it cannot be re- started again without your registered mobile Number help.

Multipurpose Reports

We provide various type of reports, live tracking, Kilometer Summary reports, history tracking/reports, voice monitoring and various type of sensors alerts and live location of your vehicle 24x7 in your cell phone or laptop.

Reduce Maintenance and Fuel Costs

Our GPS Tracker are designed to allow the user to optimize and analyze the most efficient route it want to take which leads to lower fuel cost and less vehicle maintenance When your driver take the most effective route you can save a lots of money on your fuel billing.

Instant SMS or Voice Call Alerts

In case of happening of any event in your vehicle i.e. any movement or theft etc your registered mobile number or number(s) get instant alerts through SMS / Call or app so that you get notified instantly that something happening in your vehicle.